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Madness Skateboards - Kreiner 'Shelter' Impact Light 8.25"

Udsalgspris 649,00 kr Standardpris 499,00 kr

Madness Skateboards - Kreiner 'Shelter' Impact Light 8.25"

✓ Str: 8.25" * 32.1"
✓ Wheelbase: 14.25"
✓ Mellow Concave
✓ Griptape medfølger gratis

Deck info:Madness Skateboards sets new standards for skateboards. They are the only ones who make cut-out for wheels, and sometime they even make different "Wheelbase". They make sure that every board has its own features such as they uses both clear and mat paint in their graphics, and sometimes with cut-outs in the board. And it's made by Dwindle - So we already know they only press 1 board at the time so you'll get the shape as last time. They also use their own special glue, which make the board last longer.

This deck is with "Impact Light" technology. This means that there are 1 layer of carbon fiber between the 7 layers of wood. This makes the deck last a long time, strong and light at the same time.